Samstag, 17. Juli 2010

About Dr. Ruth Ryser

Important revelations are usually received through what one hears or sees.

One of them is the effect which the learning of the Word of God has on an individual.
As my husband began to study the Bible, his behaviour-pattern changed so dramatically that I asked him:
“Why are your reactions so different? What can I do in order to change and grow in Jesus Christ like you did?”
He revealed his secret to me: “I read one chapter in Proverbs and one Psalm a day and I gave the Word of God the opportunity to work on my personality.”
That encouraged me to study the Bible intensively too.

Since then I observed this phenomenon again and again.
As soon as somebody seriously begins to study the Word of God, he becomes more sociable and to live with this person becomes more pleasant.
He is free to minister to others and that changes his whole life completely.

Therefore, I'm recommending everyone to accept this challenge and to make himself available to be changed by Jesus Christ.

Ruth Ryser,
D.Min. (Doctor in Ministry) ITA Professor

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