Samstag, 17. Juli 2010

Dean of Students Dr. Neville Scharneck

In order to be used by Christ Jesus, an intense study of the Word of God is a very important part of the training process!

It fascinates me again and again when I see the devotion of the men and women of God who train to become proven, honest and flawless workers who rightly distribute the Word of Truth.

I have known some of the leaders of ITA for many years and have had the opportunity to check their lives.
Their positive influence, as well as the divine calling upon their life, persuaded me to commit myself to ITA and to make my services available for it.

I see ITA as a powerful blessing of God to equip leaders in all nations.

I am proud of being united with ITA by the grace of God.

The ITA offers powerful and practical teachings that leave you with the hope to successfully reach the goals that you have before you.

It is the vision of God that the commandment which Christ Jesus has given all of us is carried out: To proclaim the Gospel to the whole world.

Neville Scharneck, Pastor
D.D (Doctor in Divinity)
Dean of Students, Queenstown, South Africa

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